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Hjælp til uforsørgede børn



Candidate  : Christian women association (FBL Fikambanam-behivavy Loterana) in the Lutheran Church of Ambohimasina Itaosy


Title : Help to umprovided children « The Lord’s little ones ». « I say to you, as you did to one of these my brethren, you did to me ». Matthew 25 : 40


Madiniky ny Tompo (MT)


Total costs of the project of one year

23.460.000 Ariary - aprox Dkr. 56.400,00 per year or aprox Dkr. 550,00 per child


Project description

On the one hand the Malagasy economy is now in a recession resulting from the socio political events of 2009.


On the other hand, the measures taken by the multilateral partners in cooperation matters are mostly awaiting political stability.

As a consequence, many societies are compelled to cut down their expenses by dismissing the staff.


Then the unemployment rate goes up and parents difficulties to provide for their family needs increase.


Therefore, poverty is also on the increase and this contributes to intesify insecurity and bandits activities. As a matter of fact many families fight to survive.


The obvious signs of that fight are the parents obligation to prevent their children from attending school and to send them to work to earn their living.


These last years, one easily notices thes increasing number of children working in informal sector with jobs such as car washers, parking keepers, itinerant vendors…


That context supports the FBL’s determination to show their assistance to children in difficulty to let them finish their primary and secondary school attendance.


This project MT is located at Ambohimasina Itaosy appox. 7 km from Antananarivo. It will ensure the school attendance for more than one hundred individuals in the state primary school and junior high school (CEG) in Itaosy area.


Apart from the school fees, the project also gives food to the children in order that their school results can be more successful.


Analysis of the problem

The main problem is the great number of drop-outs due to the lack of parents means. It contributes to increase the number of the children in the streets, working in the informal sector.


The children can’t attend school, the parents compel them to give up because they can’t afford to pay for their school-attendance. They lack the means to.


There are even cases when those children are sent to beg in the streets and they are bound to earn money, if not, they are scolded by their parents.


Objectives and criteria for the success of the project

The objective of the project focuses on four points :

v   Improvement of the household’s daily life

v   School-attendance for the children in the streets

v   Active amplication and participation of the christian women in the fight against poverty

v   Contribution to the eradication of children’s work and chilren’s illiteracy

The good will of the parties involved in the project guarantees its success.


As a matter of fact on the one hand the parents acceptance to send their children to school and on the other hand the availability of the fincancing resources, the good will of the acting FBL is a must.


Target group

The target group of the project is that of the children coming from very poor families, whose parents have very low incomes (equal or inferior to 10000 Ar/month - Dkr. 26,00/month) or whose parents are jobless.


The project contributes to help the parents to send their children to school, first, and hopes for the return to normal life when they can provide for their own needs without the help of the FBL association afterwards.


The Ambohimasina Itaosy FBL has already taken over the school fees and expenditures for the school equipment and food of the seventy three students who attend the State Primary School of Ambohimasina and the secondary school (Junior high school CEG) of the area, during the 2013 – 2014 school year. The FBL took over the registration to a private school of one of the children who wished to pursue his studies yet had not been registered into the CEG.


So far the FBL has not any partners or fund risers about this project.



The project concers primary education, secondary education and education in civils and christian religion.


At present the FBL has two teachers at its disposal. They are paid 100 000 Ariary/month (aprox Dkr. 260,00 / month ) before but we find that it is not sufficient. They stay with the children from 8 am to 1 pm.


Those teachers and some members of the FBL association have also received some training.


Taking into consideration the number of children to send to school and the difficulty the FBL association has to fave in supporting the children, the members of the association have decided to stop taking over the expenditures about the schooling of the seventy three children, from 2010 – 2011 school year onwards but in exchange they increase the number of the new pupils of the primary level which is only thirty now.


So, the FBL calls upon partners and benefactors to help the association to support those expenditures so as not to waste the effort the children had already made for several years at school.


 On the one hand, and to increase the school-attendance rate of the children from the streets, on the other hand.


Perenniality of the project

The children’s future is at stake in this project. The people who profit by this project must be able to create a job for themselves. However, there must be another project which is the logical follow up to the present project.


As a matter of fact, after they obtain the BEPC certificate, we think that those children should find at their disposal a training school for hotel-trade, wood work and metal work…according to their talent and capacity.


On that account the chuch, for example, can employ them after the professional training.


At every end of training, there should be an evaluation to appreciate the students and their families evolution.


The candidate’s organisation

a)     The lutheran women’s association

v   This association has always been involved in all social activities

v   Its activities cover all aspects of life, in the circumstances, spiritual and social

v   One of its activities is helping people in difficulty

b)    the FBL’s vision is to help people, in that way the association ensures preaching the Good News, the gospel, equipping and teaching people the necessary skills in order to be ready to cope with life.


Organisation identification

Address : FLM Itaosy Ambohidrapeto 102 Antananarivo Madagascar

Phone : +261340417279

E-mail :

Person in charge : Mme RANARIVONY Colette

Bank account number : MG4600005000011183343020091

BNI Madagascar 74 Rue du juin 1960

BP : 174

101 Antananarivo Madagascar


Other comments and explanations

We hope this project contributes to the improvement of the welfare of the poor children in the area.


School attendance will change theil life. They will not be illiterate. They will not return to the streets to beg any longer.


The project can change their attitude and behavior fancing the needs of life.


Studies and the church instructions keep these children busy.


Remark :

v  We buy kitchen materials only this year. we used plastic plates, cups but they are not sufficient

v  We borrowed cooking pots from christians

v  The church committee decided to use the house which was used as rooms for the children. So, we are facing another problem, where can we find a new place for these children ?